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About GoRin Technologies LLC

GoRin Technologies LLC helps financial organizations improve the performance of their technology at all levels.

GoRin Technologies grew from years building, scaling and managing some of the fastest, most reliable and efficient Ultra-Low-Latency trading and risk technology, and infrastructure on Wall Street.  These technologies were developed using decades of broad and deep experience creating high-technology products and solutions in Data Communications, Security and High-Performance Computing.

Comprehensive Engineering

GoRin Technologies approaches all technology initiatives with the following focal points:

  • Objective Technology Selection -- The "right tool for the job" approach that assures best-fit with each client environment.  This includes selection of:
    • Programming Languages and Libraries
    • Vendor Selection for Third-Party Technologies
    • Custom-Built and Integrated Solutions
  • Efficient Implementation -- Solutions can be delivered to meet timing and budget needs with highest value and lowest risk
  • Depth of Knowledge -- Full spectrum technology expertise from the lowest layers of networks and systems through the highest layers of application logic


GoRin Technologies leverages deep expertise in High Technology, across industries and areas including Data Communications, Networking and Security. This expertise and knowledge is used to create successful high-performance financial, healthcare, insurance, and other high technology solutions.  Technologies created by GoRin Technologies' engineering team have revolutionized industries and markets.