GoRin Technologies 

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Transforming Technology Organizations and Environments

GoRin Technologies LLC provides technology services across industries, including Finance, Healthcare, Data Communications, and Information Security.  We provide a complete portfolio of services to solve your technology problems, including strategic assessment and evaluation, solution architecture/design, implementation and support. 

  • Infrastructure evaluation, analysis, and design
  • Product architecture/design
  • Education and training
  • Management and team building
  • High performance solutions: Ultra-low latency, data analytics, scalability and fault tolerance
  • Risk management, security and compliance
  • Web Services
  • Datacenter, Systems and Network Design

Start-up Engagements

GoRin Technologies has decades of experience building and leading teams from the earliest stages, from company inception, through maturity and success. Start-up engagements can be customized to bring only the capabilities you need at each stage of company growth. Leverage our expertise to build your successful venture.

Services include product definition, architecture, and design, roadmap development, technology representation for fundraising, advisory/board presence, hiring, management, and implementation.

Assessment and Evaluation

GoRin Technologies helps clients understand where their current technology fails to meet their needs, and why. We provide comprehensive analysis of in-place solutions from the ground up -- physical connections, network and system infrastructure, and applications.  We understand how they function independently and together.  


GoRin Technologies focuses on solutions that yield highest return on investment. Our engineering philosophy is "the right tool for the job" which leverages our long and diverse background in high technology to bring the solutions clients need.  GoRin Technologies helps clients understand the balance of existing technology with custom development to bring an efficient and high-performing solution that provides years of usability with minimal overhead.  We focus on creating the technology the client needs.