GoRin Technologies 

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GoRin Technologies LLC provides a diverse set of technology services to fulfill client needs: 

  • Technology Strategy Development
  • Performance Assessment
  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation, Custom Development and Integration
  • Support


GoRin Technologies' experienced team delivers the solutions clients need in the following areas:
  • Web Applications
  • Trading, Risk and Market Data Systems
  • Back Office Infrastructure
  • Messaging and Communications
  • Configuration, Control and Deployment
  • System and Performance Monitoring
  • Automation 

Technology Performance

GoRin Technologies specializes in comprehensive approaches to performance which include:

  • Throughput and Latency
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Scalability and Manageability
  • Security, Risk and Fault Tolerance 

Performance Engineering

GoRin Technologies delivers world-class technology solutions that deliver efficiencies at all levels to an organization.  Our experience delivering world-class solutions assures:
  • Highest Quality Solutions
  • Best-Impact Development Planning
  • Phased Implementation
  • Cost and Schedule Sensitivity
  • Lowest Risk Deployment